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How To Get The 80s Look | Photo Credit: Tumblr | Pinterest

Remember when you thought Saved By The Bell was the coolest thing ever? The fashion, the hot guys, the fashion, the huge mobile phones, oh and did we mention, the fashion?! The 80s sitcom ran until the early 90s and along with tonnes of other cultural influences made 80s style what it was- iconic.

The 90s have been enjoying a revival recently, so we thought it was time to look back a decade earlier and show you how to get the 80s look. Think high waisted jeans, acid wash, bodycon, crop tops, logo t-shirts and shoulder pads (for the very daring amongst you) and you’ll be onto a winner. You ready? Then let’s begin…

80s Style Colour

Power dressing is about much more than what you’re wearing on its own; you need to be thinking about the colours and about how they work together, too. Powerful colours you should be considering are blues and reds – perfect statement colours that you can wear for any occasion.

Patterns were a big staple of the 80s, too. Think retro rather than going for modern patterns like floral and tribal prints; no one wore those in the 80s!

Speaking of casual outfits, you’re probably looking at urban fashion and style for inspiration when it comes to the 80s. Tracksuits, oversized denims and casuals, and big trainers were all the rage. Nike Blazers, anyone?

The Power of Style

The 80s was the decade that saw the rise of the yuppie. This led to ridiculous levels of power suit wearing and various other trends that might have been better left well alone in the minds of designers everywhere.

What did this look deliver? A beautifully shaped yet over the top silhouette, with waists pulled into extreme levels but shoulder pads huge and borderline overwhelming. The rise of women and their power in the office was driving this change.

How can you get the look? Well, you can always buy shoulder pads to add to your tailoring, although big-shouldered jackets have started to come back into fashion over the last year. The key is to create as much of an inverted triangle on your upper body as possible. Once you’ve done this, you can build the rest of your look.

Finishing the Look

Think about jewellery when looking at how to get the 80s look too. While understated and tasteful are today’s trends, over the top and ostentatious was what the 80s was all about when it came to accessories. Going for a 80s outfit with today’s accessories won’t work. To get the 80s look, you need to go all out!

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