How to Dress Like Victoria Justice



Victoria Justice is super hot property right now. That rare thing- a successful child star who hasn’t gone off the rails, yet is still relevant today- makes her one of our fave style crushes.

Want to know how to dress like Victoria Justice? Then we’ve got you covered with some great outfit ideas to help you get this particular celeb style.

All about the Dresses

Victoria Justice is one of the easiest celebs to copy when it comes to style, because she likes to keep it simple and tends to stick to dresses. So, what styles of dress should you be choosing?

You can easily differentiate between formal and casual with Victoria. If you want the glitzy Victoria Justice look, then a pencil dress is the place to start. You can go for something plain if it suits your personal style, but for essential Victoria you need to be looking at embellishments, particularly sequins, to be a feature of your dress.

In contrast, like so many celebs when she goes casual she goes skater. You can pull off a daring look by going for a zip fronted dress, either in plain or with a classic skater check pattern. Both styles are available on Shopcade for under £50, and as cheap at £15 in some places!

Adding a Jacket

Being a lover of dresses means that Victoria is a leading icon when it comes to pairing up a coat with a dress. Her own classic style is to wear a short denim jacket with her dresses, even if she’s going for the dressier embellished look.

Alternatives that might suit you better could be leather jackets – perfect for pairing with the skater look for a more authentic all-round style – or even parkas, which are a better contrast with summer dresses but look brilliant all the same.

VJ Accessories

Finishing off the Victoria Justice look with accessories is easy. We’re all about the embellishments once again, which means studded bags, purses, and footwear. The great thing with these is that they match whatever style you’ve gone for, allowing you to save money on your look.

And that, dear Shopcaders is all there is to it! You’re now ready to step out having mastered yet another celeb style!

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