How to Dress Like Rihanna



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When it comes to celeb style, there’s no doubt the Rihanna look is one of the most sought after in the world. It’s also one of the most difficult to master, purely for the fact that she always seems to be rocking a different look every time she’s caught on camera. Still, that hasn’t stopped us picking out the items she seems to love most and delivering them for you to enjoy!

Check out what you need below so you to can dress like Ri-Ri…

The Denims Have It

Getting the Rihanna look on your bottom half is probably the easiest part, because at least there’s some consistency here. If it’s shorts or trousers, it is always denims.

The shorts aren’t just shorts, either; we’re talking hot pants, which if they were any smaller would probably be banned! There are several options to explore when going for jeans, but boyfriend fits are a better option than the skinnies that you’d normally buy, if only because you get a little more room to manoeuvre and don’t feel like you’ve been stitched into them!

Slashed Away Up Top

Rihanna has been hitting the headlines a lot recently for her catwalk and FROW appearances- who could forget her spinning around in a trolley at Chanel? Or backstage at Balmain in a mesh top sans bra or top underneath!

If you truly want the Rihanna look, an oversized off the shoulder crop top is a great buy, as is a tank top with low neckline, not too far away from a strappy vest type style. Try to stay away for plain tops, as graphic tees and hologram effects are a big part of the Ri-Ri style and should be embraced at every opportunity.

Finish off your upper body with a short denim or bomber jacket, and you can add the finishing touches.

Accessorise Like Ri-Ri

Strappy heels are your safest choice of footwear for the Rihanna look, but if you’d rather go for something more casual high top trainers like Nike Blazers are a great choice to make. Large hooped earrings, oversized bead bracelets, and rectangular sunglasses should also be picked up and stored, so you have the Rihanna look in your wardrobe and ready to wear on demand!

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