How to Dress Boho



Photo Credit: Denise Doriety

We all know that trends come and go in the fashion world, but a select few hang around. This makes it easy for the fashionistas among us to always look on trend and feel amazing. One of the most exciting and followed such trends is the Boho trend.

Easy to follow and a look that all girls can work, knowing how to dress boho will make sure you stay in the know, as the festival season approaches.

Here’s the lowdown on boho dressing like a pro, so you can channel the celeb boho babes (Sienna Miller and Kate Moss for example) in style…

Boho Staples

The biggest boho staple around is the maxi dress. You don’t just want any maxi dress, however, but something with ethnic inspired patterns. Avoid tribal or anything too psychedelic, as they won’t help you to carry the boho vibe very well at all. You can then grab a light coloured thin cardigan – or for full boho find a lace waistcoat – and you’ve already created a simple and effective style that ticks all the trend boxes when it comes to boho.

If you can’t get an ethnic inspired maxi dress, then a long skirt will do the trick and give you licence to play around with what you’re going to wear up top.

When you’re playing with patterns in this way, you need to make sure that you don’t go too far with accessories; a simple bangle and a necklace should do, as there’s already a lot going on with your look.

Boho Tops & Dress Alternatives

A skirt is the most obvious alternative to a dress, but you shouldn’t forget about denims or even corduroy trousers when it comes to getting the boho look. As long as they’re well fitted and flatter your bum and legs, you’ll be fine. Boho denims tend to be lighter in colour, so avoid dark denims. Cords are fine in their usual staple colours like brown or beige.

When it comes to picking out boho tops, you should think about what you have on your bottom half. If you’ve gone for a skirt then a blouse or a denim shirt can do the trick, while a simple strappy top is fine if you’re going to pair it with knitwear or wear it during the summer.

If you’re wearing denims on your bottom half then you have to go for a blouse on top. You haven’t added any patterns when you choose jeans, so go for vintage inspired patterns on a blouse as well as the ethnic inspirations we looked at when choosing a dress or a skirt.

Get these in your wardrobe, and the boho look is all yours! Nicole Richie, eat you heart out!

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