Trend Watch: Indian Summer



Trend Watch: Indian Summer | Photo Credit: Tumblr

Rich colours, detailed prints, and jewellery for every part of the body. The season’s trends have taken an Eastern turn and we’ve been treated with some stunning Indian inspired summer wears.

With such choice of beautiful paisley prints, bindis and headpieces it can be easy to go OTT and look like a vintage Bollywood reject! The key here is to keep it simple and throwing in just one piece to your outfit, however big or small that may be!


Heidi, Naomi, Elaine

Bloggers do it best! From left Heidi in a bindi wearing a modernised playsuit with scattered mirror embroidery. Naomi makes a bold statement in all-over paisley with layering and colour contrast, while Elaine keeps it soft with dusky pink lace and a gold head chain as a finishing touch.


1,2,3- easy! This look can be effortless, take your dominant print and make a feature of it! Minimal layering and accessories is a must with such bold colours and patterns. We love the vintage worn Ganesh inspired tee and this retro Bollywood print skirt as statement items.

Just as eye-grabbing, an alternative is to go light and basic with soft layering and muted colours, to then pile high the accessories! Luckily we have a huge choice this season, with multifunctional pieces from nose-to-ear chains, belly chains and full body harnesses- jewellery has never been so fun!

Check out my Indian Summer hit list here, so you can work the trend for yourself!

Steal Leah McFall’s Style On Shopcade!


Leah McFall

We offish have a new girl crush and her name is Leah McFall! Looking awesome in her new vid for ‘Home’ with the equally stylish, we caught up with the gal who dressed her, our Designer Store favourite Nikita Karizma!

What kind of look was Leah after for her new video?

Leah’s stylist was looking for iridescent, pastel, fluffy, holographic pieces and loved our new KARIZMA collection!  He pulled in a lot of pieces for her music video shoot and performances in LA. 

We were working on a custom long sleeved neoprene crop for her also, but we are so pleased she wore the baby pink fluffy heart top as it looked super cute on her in the holographic iridescent music video.


What do you love about Leah?

She is a phenomenal British talent, we loved to collaborate with her for such a special moment in her career and wish her all the best.

Love Leah’s look? Then you can get the EXACT piece on the Designer Store right here. Get it or regret it, it won’t be around for long!

5 Reasons You Need Rainbow Hair Now!


rainbow hair

So, we don’t want to appear bossy or anything, but well, if you’re not planning on colouring or at least chalking your hair this summer, you may as well go into hiding, because rainbow hair is like, THE hottest beauty trend right now!

We’re talking teaser hair chalk streaks, full on colour, dip dye ends, you name it! Anything to give your hair a bit of oomph will go down a treat, trust us.

Here’s 5 reasons why you need to jump on the bandwagon. STAT!

1.  Kylie Jenner is a fan.

2.  You will totally believe McFly are singing about you.

3.  People will stare at you in amazement because your hair is the colour of a RAINBOW.

4.  You will suddenly be 50% more interesting.

5.  Did we mention Kylie Jenner is a fan?

If those reasons don’t convince you, then check out this awesome tutorial on how to get rainbow hair by Jellybeamers on youtube. Enjoy!

Need more prompting? Then find everything you need here to get your rainbow hair kick started!

How To Get The Retro Pin Up Look

Retro Pin Up Look| Photo Credit: Polina Berdos

Ready for another make-up masterclass? Yep us too! Today our fab beauty correspondent talks us through achieving the perfect retro pin up look. Over to you Polina

“Classic retro pin up make-up is ever present today even if it’s a more modern version. This make-up consists of a matte, even-toned face, pink blush, black eyeliner, black mascara or false eyelashes and glossy red lipstick.

It works on any skin color or type and pin up make-up can easily be replicated too! There’s something undeniably glamourous, flirtatious and fun about vintage pin-up girls, like Lana del Rey for example. Think big doe-eyes framed with dramatic winged liner and sultry red lips. HOT!


How To Do The Heidi Braid

Heidi Braid Style| Photo Credits: Pinterest

It’s that time again! This week star curator, Polina Berdos shows us how to do a Heidi hair braid worthy of Coachella! Follow her easy step by step video tutorial below to get the look we saw everywhere on the AW14 catwalks in February. 

Over to you, Polina…

“I decided to try something soft and pretty, but I definitely wanted something beyond the usual braid or bun. Heidi braids have been a go-to style lately.They’re easy, keep your hair out of your face, and are relatively painless. I did these kind of fast, but they can be as messy or as sleek as you would like.

The style looks much more complicated than it really is and it’s a great new way to style your hair if it is shoulder-length or longer. You can clip in a couple of extensions if you need to add more volume or length.

Bobby pins are the secret to making this hair-do. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of bobby pins, they will help you to secure your braids.

For this style you will need: A comb, bobby pins, hair bands and some hairspray, all of which can be found in my Shopcade list. Have fun!”

Love Polina’s tutorials? Check out her blog for more inspo here!

How to do purple eye makeup for Spring

Perfect Purple Eyes for Spring | Photo Credit:
It’s time for another make up masterclass with our resident beauty curator, the lovely Polina Berdos. This week she shows us how to perfect purple eye makeup for Spring. Over to you Polina…


“Purple is intriguing. Purple is magical. Purple is distinctive. I adore purple and deep plummy colors, I find them so elegant, even royal. It’s a great colour for eye shadow because it complements most skin tones and eye colors. And to top it all off, ‘Radiant Orchid’ is the colour of the year!


There are two different shades of purple. Violet is a pretty pastel shade with more blue in it. Radiant Orchid is a bright, bold blend of fuchsia, purple, and pink. Both are very pretty and versatile.The combination of these shades is such a gorgeous look for spring… So let’s get straight into the makeup tutorial.

Alright, so I created this purple look using my Urban Decay “Smoked” Palette and a violet mineral eyeshadow “Frozen Angel” from Neve Cosmetics.

I mixed a deep purple eyeshadow with violet and I absolutely love the way it turned out. Don’t forget to line your eyes. Of course, this step is optional but it will make your makeup more dramatic.


I added a few coats of mascara to my lashes and applied my false accent lashes from Ardell to create a cat eye shape. Don’t be afraid to try this awesome look because it’s not as complicated as it looks. With some practice and experiments, it gets neater and tidier.


As always, you can find the products that I used and some similar products in my Shopcade list“. Polina x


To see more from Polina, check out her blog Summer Caffe here >

How to get the perfect smokey eye look

Photo Credit:

Now we’ve mastered the 60s siren look, it’s time for another brilliant beauty tutorial from our star curator, Polina Berdos. In this video she shows us how to achieve the perfect smokey eye. Over to you Polina…

“The smokey eye is both sexy and classic, a perfect way for describing iconic looks with this makeup technique.

Whether your eyes are light or dark, you’re going to a formal dinner or out with your friends, or you just feel like jazzing up your everyday routine, the smokey eye is the perfect compliment to any look desired.

It looks effortless once done, so here is my smokey eye tutorial for you to master the look yourself!


Get Lucky: How To Go Green AND Stay Stylish on St. Patrick’s Day!


st. patrick's day style

 St. Patrick’s Day fashion image via ELLE

Even though we’re not Irish (not even close, actually!) we take the opportunity to channel a little of that Leprachaun luck every year on March 17th. That day is St. Patrick’s Day and if you’re like us (and may others around the country) you celebrate by wearing your your finest green attire with a cold pint in hand.

Since the holiday falls on a Monday this year, work and/or school will be involved. Ughhh. We’re guessing we can’t wear our new mint crop top and plaid tam o ‘shanter to the Editorial Meeting without a few side-eyes. We decided to class it up a bit with some items that incorporate our fave St. Patrick’s day themes – four leaf clovers and shades of green o’plenty – without going overboard. (After 5pm is up in the air!)

Not partaking in the festivities? Here’s a kickstart to adding a fresh hue to your wardrobe this spring! Because there is ALWAYS a silver lining to every cloud errr…pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. 😉

Fest Dressed: Cowboy, Americana, and Navajo – Three Trends to Try at SXSW


It’s time to dust off our flower crowns, girls. (Wait, are those still a thing?) It’s festival season!!! Yes, you’ve heard right. Our favorite time of year is near. The time when winter becomes a distant memory and the spring and summer seasons are ushered with live music – and a lot of it.

SXSW, based in Austin, TX, kicks it off each year. The inaugural fest is different than the rest in that it’s spread throughout the entire town of Austin. There are no camp grounds or gates here, the ENTIRE town becomes a music fest. Aside from being encapsulated in tunes, you’ll also be inundated with some of the best tacos EV-ER. Just those two things alone should sell you.

The big question is, what do you wear to fit in at a fest located in the south? To put it simply, go west Well, west-ern. We recommend denim and navajo print with a splash of classic Americana. And, don’t forget the cowboy boots.

Here are the three festival fashion trends you’re going to want to try when heading to SXSW.




Channel your inner John Wayne (or Madonna circa her “Music” album phase) at the Austin-based fest. The idea is to pepper in a little of the trend – seen all over the NYFW runways – into your everyday wardrobe. Otherwise, you risk getting mistaken for a rodeo queen instead of a street style star. Don’t know about you but we prefer the latter. Achieve this with a fringe statement piece and a fun pair of western-ispired boots – those are the key

GET THE LOOK | Staring At Stars Suede Fringe Moto Jacket, $299, available at Urban Outfitters; Studded Cowboy Booties, $32.80, available at Forever 21; Sweet Jane Round Sunglasses, $16, available at Urban Outfitters; Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar – Matte Kava Kava 0.33 oz, $18, available at Sephora






betches love this nyfw


We’re three-quarters of the way done with fashion week season. So far, we’ve spotted street style at New York Fashion Week, threw a crazy bash in London for LFW, and, as we speak, have our eyes glued to for all the new collections in Milan. If you’re anything like us, you’re already plotting your moves for next fall. Of course, we can’t wait for spring and summer but September through November are our favorite months to put outfits together. Hello, boots, scarves, and chunky knit sweaters! You know exactly what we mean.

After scanning the runways of some of our favorite designers for NYFW fall trends, we started to notice a handful of trends that, um, we weren’t so sure we’d be embracing…even six months from now. We asked our friends at Betches Love This – the snarky internet-BFFs that tell it like it is on everything from bros to celeb style – for their take on sleeveless coats, menswear-insipred footwear, bright red, and more. Because, if anyone will tell us the truth, they will!

Sleeveless Coats

nyfw fall trends 2014

Featured Designer

Betches say…
Sleeveless coats – also known as a vest.

Menswear Shoes

nyfw fall trends 2014stylecaster/

Featured Designer

Betches say…
“Don’t eh’stomp your last season high heeled Loubs at me honay.” But really, I don’t know any straight man who would ever wear a bow on his shoe, so this isn’t menswear. This is a pointy leather shoe with a chunky kitten heel. And if you ever wore these out, no man would ever hit on you no matter how hot you were, because he’d think – nay- know you were a lesbian.


nyfw fall trends 2014

Featured Designer
Prabal Garung

Betches say…
Omg. RED. I would have never thought to wear red if someone, especially the man who designs dresses like Zoe Saldana’s for the Golden Globes, had come up with the idea! His inspo must’ve definitely been Game of the Thrones Red Wedding. Anyway, Redddddd!! Taylor Swift must be pleased with herself.