How to get the perfect smokey eye look

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Now we’ve mastered the 60s siren look, it’s time for another brilliant beauty tutorial from our star curator, Polina Berdos. In this video she shows us how to achieve the perfect smokey eye. Over to you Polina…

“The smokey eye is both sexy and classic, a perfect way for describing iconic looks with this makeup technique.

Whether your eyes are light or dark, you’re going to a formal dinner or out with your friends, or you just feel like jazzing up your everyday routine, the smokey eye is the perfect compliment to any look desired.

It looks effortless once done, so here is my smokey eye tutorial for you to master the look yourself!


The smokey eye is such a classic because it always looks good. You can achieve the effect with any color really, but usually it’s done with greys and blacks.

So for my smokey eye look I used a “smoked” palette from Urban Decay because it’s a perfect palette for creating any dramatic look. I recommend using accent lashes if you want to make a cat eye shape, and finishing the look with accompanying nude lips, which will make your eyes pop. You can find the products that I used and some similar products in my Shopcade list.”
Want to know more about Polina? Check out her awesome blog, Summer Caffe here!

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  1. Kimm Johnson

    I was doing the Smokey Eye back in the 80’s lol


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