Five Of The Best Celeb Power Bobs Right Now

celeb power bobs
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There is a new ‘do right now sweeping the celeb world right now, with just about every A- Lister jumping aboard the ‘Power Bob’ craze. So much more than just a shoulder length cut, the power bob is offish the hottest look of the season!

Case in point? One of Beyonce’s recent Instagram post generated over 1 Million likes with the subject being, you guessed it, the debut of her new wavy bob.

With this in mind, it got us thinking about the other ‘Power Bob’ players of the celeb world, who have chopped their locks and gained column inches instead.

Here’s five of the best celeb power bobs around…

5. Beyonce: When things get rough, ditch the extensions. This seems to be Beyonce’s motto, as once again she has shed her long locks, debuting a cute wavy bob in its place and generating something like 14k comments in a matter of hours. “Marriage issues, what marriage issues? I have new hair and that is MUCH more interesting!” is what we imagine she was thinking as she posted this pic!

4. Emma Stone: Suddenly oh so sexy now she has chopped her locks! We’ve seen you Miss Stone, casually smirking over your shoulder at the Emmy’s, making sweatpants look chic and generally looking like the cat who got the cream with your new ‘do. We heart. Lots.

3. Jennifer Lawrence: We loved her long locks, embraced her pixie crop, but this new cute mid length grown out style looks seriously amazeballs. Her appearance alongside Emma Watson at Dior earlier this year showed how such a sophisticated style could still look youthful. We miss your Katniss locks, but we can deffo get on board with this ‘do too!

2. Kylie Jenner: The smartest thing Kylie ever did was get rid of her long hair to distinguish herself from her older sisters and their glossy manes. Going for dip dye, blue ombre and then back to glossy black within a matter of months has cemented Kylie as something of a hair icon and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

1. Rita Ora: Ahh Rita. If she isn’t in the news for her latest racy outfit, romance woes or a new fashion collab, she is racking up the column inches for her ever changing hair. Multi-coloured cornrows at Wireless and then back to a razor sharp bob with fringe for a DKNY event a few days later, she never disappoints which is why she claims the top spot here!

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