Christmas Bloggers Special: Camila Carril talks designer accessories and Brazilian fashion with Shopcade



From Brazil with love! Fashion blogger Camila Carril chats about her love for designer accessories, why Vivienne Westwood should be designing Christmas trees and what’s on her Shopcade wish list this season…

We are getting close to Christmas! What’s in your Shopcade wish list?

A lot of things! You can check them out here!

What has been the best present you have received? And the one you would rather forget about?

I don’t have a gift I would rather forget. But I have one that I will always remember: six years ago my dad came home with a brand new suitcase. I knew what that meant. That was my best gift! The suitcase was his way to say he would allow me to come to London (at the time I was only 16). That changed everything and I will always remember the meaning of this gift.

Do you have an ‘it’ fashion item that you are planning to wear for this year’s holidays?

I haven’t thought about that as yet. One thing I know, during New Year’s Eve in Brazil it is a tradition that we wear white! So whatever “it” fashion item would be white.

Which film puts you in the spirit of Christmas?

It has to be Home Alone.

What are your favourite tunes for the festive season?

John Lennon – Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
David Bowie and Bing Crosby – The Little Drummer Boy
Bruce Springsteen – Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

Dolce & Gabbana were the designers behind the famous Claridge’s Christmas tree. Who would you choose to design it and why?

I would choose a woman since only men have designed the Claridge’s tree so far. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Vivienne Westwood designing it in a punk-modern way? Her signature Orb on the top of the tree as the rising star.

That would be great, indeed! Let’s talk about your life in London and your blog! What are the biggest differences between São Paulo and London? (apart from the weather, obviously!)

There are so many differences. I call São Paulo the ‘concrete jungle,’ because you encounter a sea of tall buildings and you can easily get lost! I don’t get lost in London since my 3G works pretty well and thanks to Google Maps I manage to find places pretty fast. Unfortunately in São Paulo there is a lot of social contrasts and this is one of the biggest differences when compared to London and Europe in general. But wait… São Paulo has a lot of greater things which I will leave for the next question!

What do you miss most about Brazil?

My family, my childhood friends, all the connections to my past, and Tobby – my dog. The sunny weather, the Brazilian affection, the loud conversations and sincere smiles, and how we Brazilians are so warm-hearted. Going to the beach, walking on the sand, drinking coconut water from the actual fruit. Having the best barbeques ever with my friends. Eating coxinha, açaí, guarana (you might be lost here, these are my favourite foods and drinks in Brazil). I miss the bossa nova, the lifestyle, and mostly being close to those whom I love the most.


Camila Carril

Your blog has two separate categories about parties and gourmet. Why is that? And what are your favourite hot spots for partying and eating out in London?

I have a parties section because I organise events in London for Be My Guest. I know the cool places and if you are with us for sure you will have a good time around London! The gourmet section is there because a) I am a food lover, and b) I love reviewing the places I visit, sharing the information with my readers and also hearing about their own experiences. My favourite party hotspots are The Cuckoo Club, Project, Boujis and Maddox. For eating out, it has to be Sketch, Aqua, Hakkasan and Polpo.

What’s the funniest / weirdest email or comment you have received from a fan?

“You look so astonishing and beautiful. I would love to know more about you for a good and serious relationship based on trust and understanding, so that we can know what life has for us.” That was pretty weird! Or this: “I’m one of the few old-school guys who believes in SOULMATES and I am here to find mine.” I often get these from random men. Generally, my readers are pretty nice and I don’t get many weird questions. I usually receive emails from people (especially Brazilians) asking me about life in London, if it is difficult to find a job (the most commonly asked question) and things like that. Also styling tips and information about the parties I organise in London.

Let’s talk about your personal style now. What is the one thing that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing?

My PJs and glasses.

Which fashion strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive, staples or spend on a lot of cheaper items for a more diverse look?

I kind of have a rule: I don’t spend much money buying clothes. I buy what I like independently of the brand. But I normally only buy designer labels when it comes to bags, sunglasses, and watches-it’s much easier to style this way. Clothes are different- I am constantly changing and selling my wardrobe, but the designer pieces remain and I can style them as many times as I want with different looks without getting bored of the outfit.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

I wouldn’t press the button. I really appreciate that each person has their own style and express it through the way they dress. I think fashion is art, it is connected to the way we think, the way we see ourselves in the world and I wouldn’t change that! Yes there are things that aren’t pleasurable to my eyes but hey – I respect everyone’s style.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to discover?

I am patiently waiting for a designer to discover me and send me nice clothes so I can share them with my readers… does that answer the question? Haha!

To discover more about Camila and check out her so-on-trend-it-hurts looks right now, visit her blog Camila Carril here >

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