How to Dress Like Miley Cyrus



Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus | Instagram

Controversial, stylish, and a million miles away from the Hannah Montana character that brought her fame and fortune at such a young age, Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about and in the news celebs in the world today. Pics of her new Marc Jacobs campaign released today show just how far she has come in the style stakes over the past year. Moody, provocative and ultimately high fashion all the way, we are big fans of the shoot already!


Miley Hallmarks

Despite gaining a reputation for edgy, attitude driven style, when not on stage Miley’s look is often quite soft and feminine.  Casual skinny denims are a staple of her off-stage style, while cute t-shirts are often what she chooses to pair with her jeans.

Miley adds the aggression and edge during the daytime by donning a short military or leather jacket to balance the softness.  You can do the same and then use cosmetics, your hairstyle, and accessories to either soften or add even more edge to your look, depending on what you want to do and where you’re heading.

Designer Red Carpet Style

When it comes to the red carpet Miley is all about the designers. Whether you to choose to go for Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, or a personal favourite of your own, if you’re wearing a dress then it has to be from a leading name. Just because a dress is designer that doesn’t mean it needs to be loud and over the top. Miley Cyrus looks as good in a mini dress in black or white as she does in something brighter and more standout. If money is no object, get the best designer dress you possibly can, just remember to leave some cash for matching accessories.

Summer Dresses

While Miley’s hallmarks and red carpet style are great for a year-round look, when summer arrives we often need something a little different in our wardrobe. When she isn’t interested in adding too much edge to her look, Miley goes for a 100% feminine get up by choosing a summer dress.  From your perspective, summer dresses offer enough variety to find something for casualwear as well as for work, whether you want something plain and simple or want to embrace whatever pattern trend is in during the year.


Miley is almost the perfect girl when it comes to her footwear. She simply has a different set of shoes for every outfit.  Granted, that might not be possible for all of us, but you can make sure you own enough pairs of shoes to never have a style disaster.  Flat trainers or plimsolls, designer heels, and simple strappy sandals are all you need to complete Miley inspired looks.

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