Christmas Bloggers Special: Marta Pozzan talks about her love of Miu Miu, fashion must-haves this season and living the stylish life in L.A.


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Los Angeles-based Italian fashion blogger and actress Marta Pozzan talks to Shopcade about her love for anything Miu Miu, modeling, her friend Jaime King, and – you guessed it – Christmas shopping! Fashion aficionados, feel free to take notes!

Hi Marta! Thanks for joining us for our Christmas special! What has been the best present you have received? And the one you would rather forget about?

The best present I’ve ever received was a military green Miu Miu coat. I love Miu Miu; it’s my favorite brand ever, so that gift was awesome. The ones that I’d rather forget are mainly earrings or bracelets I get gifted by people I’m not very close to, so they don’t really know my style or taste and I just end up never wearing them.

Do you have an ‘it’ fashion item that you are planning to wear for this year’s holidays?

Yes, indeed. A white furry coat by Topshop I’m so obsessed with! Oversized furry coats are such a must-have this season.

Which film puts you in the spirit of Christmas?

“The Nightmare Before Christmas.” I know it’s a bit creepy but I used to love it as a kid.

What is the one thing that you can’t have enough of during Christmas? On the contrary, what is the one thing that you absolutely can’t stand anymore?

I think Christmas is such a good occasion indulge my sweet tooth; eating all sorts of candies or holiday desserts is just the nicest thing that could happen during Christmas. On the other hand, I’m really bored with all the Christmas decorations like lights and trees, they’re just always the same every year and unless they have an innovative design, I don’t really get impressed anymore.

Dolce & Gabbana were the designers behind the famous Claridge’s Christmas tree in London. Who would you choose to design it and why?

Maison Martin Margiela. We need a Christmas tree that is not so Christmassy for once, but that’s more a piece of art and they’d be perfect for that.

What type of Christmas tree would you be?

All white and clear, made out of glass with milky white lights.

Sounds like our kind of tree! We’d love to know more about your life! You were born in Italy but you are now based in Los Angeles. What makes it special to you?

Life in L.A. has a different dimension; everything is much bigger and spread out. People don’t walk in L.A. They drive. That makes things harder somehow because you lose that feeling of walking around the city at night and getting gelato or drinks with friends. In L.A. you walk inside the malls, the real towns within the city, where people gather to eat and to go shopping. For me living in L.A. is like living in different cities within one big city. Although I live here now, I still like to keep the good old habits, like going to see art in hidden galleries and eating European food in nice restaurants. I’m not the perfect Cali girl; I mean, I love it here even though wearing shorts and flip flops is not my thing… but I love the history of Los Angeles, the old Hollywood, going to places where the biggest actors have had love affairs or interesting stories, it’s quite intriguing to me.

What are the biggest differences between Milan and L.A.?

The real big difference between living in Milan and L.A. is the traffic, I mean the driving. When I was living in Milan I barely used my car because I’d walk everywhere or take the metro. In L.A. you can’t just walk, unless you’re at the Grove or at Santa Monica pier. One more difference is that there are no real seasons, which is great on one side because the weather is always nice and warm but I don’t have an excuse to buy coats and furs anymore, which makes me very sad… I miss my winter outfits! Luckily this season the weather got much colder, so I have some new coats in my closet now.

You have worked with actress Jaime King. Could you tell us about this collaboration?

When I first moved to L.A. I met Kyle Newman, Jaime’s husband, on the set of a commercial I was in and we just clicked. He introduced me to his wife and we immediately bonded over fashion trends and art inspirations we shared. At that time she started writing a blog for the Huffington Post and needed someone to work with her on that- that’s where I came in. We would come up with themes she wanted to write about and I’d help her to create collages and collect images for mood boards. She is such an inspiration for me as an actress and as a woman, and let’s not talk about her style… I used to follow her on Twitter way before I met her and couldn’t be happier to actually become her friend.

What are the things that make you tick when it comes to your blog?

I’m always excited to work on projects that involve companies that are not only related to fashion, like this campaign I’m working right now with WhoWhatWear in collaboration with Samsung mobile, promoting the new Samsung GALAXY Note3. It’s fun to see how fashion can attain so many different fields, and tech products are definitely my favorite ones.

How did you decide to get into acting? What are your plans for the future?

Working for Silvia Paoli, then Fashion Editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair Italy, was crucial for my career and one of the best experiences ever. I have not only been a fashion editor on her staff, but also the host of the fashion newscast ‘Fashion Nuts.’ During that time, I hosted news specials and interviewed fashion designers and personalities such as Elio Fiorucci, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, Thom Browne, etc. That was my very first time working in front of the camera, except for some other little modeling jobs I did before. I had the chance to work as a television journalist and I loved it. I’ve never thought I could be good at that but it turned out I wasn’t bad at all. After that, I decided that I wanted to study acting and I came to L.A. So far it’s been an amazing journey and I’m very grateful for meeting great people that believed in me and helped me grow professionally and as a person.

How has your personal style evolved over the years? Do you have any “I can’t believe I wore this” moments?

Since being a teenager my personal style has not just evolved but completely changed. I remember when I was in high-school, I used to love Avril Lavigne and I would dress up just like her: Volcom hoody and T-shirt, extra-large old Levi’s jeans and skater shoes, like a real badass… I guess at that time I wasn’t ready to rock my Miu Miu outfits yet. It took me a magazine or two!

What kind of combinations make you cringe when you see them?

Disco leggings and platform-heeled shoes on girls, white socks on evening shoes on boys.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Boyfriend jeans, cropped tops, and creepers for the girls; a white T-shirt, Levi’s jeans, and Vans for the boys.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with?

Well-designed clear pumps; they could either be made of solid plastic or simply be jelly pumps with a solid heel.

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