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Calling all bloggers and publishers out there who would like to further monetize their sites! Shopcade has just launched a new widget which allows you to showcase products from a list you created in your Shopcade and it’s actually super simple to set up!

  1. Go to our ‘Get Widget‘ page
  2. Choose to display your products from a Shopcade list & select one using the drop-down menu
  3. Check out your preview to ensure you have selected the correct list
  4. Copy the code, paste it into your blog post (in the text/html copy section) and voila! :)

This is a snapshot below of our ‘Top Dresses Under £30′ Shopcade list so you can see how this would work on your blog! Pretty cool right?

Please note the widget will automatically auto-resize based on your website or blog width. Don’t forget you will need to register on Shopcade if you have not done so already to start creating your Trends lists.

  • What’s more? Once embedded, if you choose the option ‘Webpage or blog (auto-detect related products)’ instead, the widget will automatically detect your page’s contents and will display a carousel of relevant products, sourced from over 100,000 of Shopcade partner brands. The external widget is ideal for all of you bloggers to bring products directly to your readers and generate extra revenue when purchases are made through it.

Check out who has embraced the widget already (below) – some bloggers prefer using it in relevant blog posts, others also add it to their blog sidebar for better visibility. It’s totally up to you!

MumWifeGirl_WidgetPostUltimate_WidgetPost PartyBluprints_WidgetPost







You will be able to find more information on this new widget here along with details on the commission offered. So want to be doing what you love while getting paid?

Get your widget now!

And if you are not a blogger or publisher yet love trends, fashion and sharing recommendations with friends, this may well be just the opportunity you were waiting for to finally kick start your long-overdue blog today!

You can find our Press Release here. If you are having any issues when setting up or using the widget, please don’t hesitate to contact us in our Support Community and post a comment in our ‘How to use the Shopcade widget‘ topic.

Happy blogging! :)

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