Boys’ Festive Fashion: King of Cool vs. Geek Chic



#4 Boys’ Festive Fashion: King of Cool vs. Geek Chic

And the winner is… King of Cool!

The Voting is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who followed the list and congratulations to the winner of the Topman giftcard…



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Still unsure whether you are the King of Cool or all about rocking the Geek Chic look? Well, let us give you a helping hand with our quirky and original musings (!) on the fourth round of lists to go under the spotlight…

King of Cool: There’s only one way you can claim to be the king of cool this Christmas and that’s by championing the skinny jean (yep still on trend) a tight jumper (novelty is acceptable…it is the festive season after all) and penny loafers (just a bit of a point will do fine) and you’ll be right on the money.

Geek Chic: A great man once said “Bowties are cool” and who are we to argue?! Thick rimmed glasses, checked shirts, braces and bowties are the height of fashion and officially the ONLY way to dress in style this Christmas.


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