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Hello again Shopcaders!

We are officially announcing our new login capabilities on Shopcade! Since the beginning of (Shopcade) time, users needed to use a Facebook account to join our community. 

This is no longer the case. We have expended our options, which will now allow you to join Shopcade with Facebook account, Twitter account, or simply with your personal e-mail! We recognize that giving users the option to diversify their login choices was essential to helping us grow – and essential for making Shopcade work better for you!

Your feedback and suggestions made these updates possible. If you have not already joined our new feedback community on Get Satisfaction, do it now! It’s your chance to have your voice heard, and to share your thoughts and ideas on how to make Shopcade a better place for all. You can find this community here –!

Happy Shopping! 

-Evan H.

Shopping with a Valentine’s Day twist!


Greetings Shopcaders!

Traditionally, part of Valentine’s Day is about sharing a special gift with a special person. Shouldn’t that mean that you can gift yourself a little something special? If V-day happens to make you frown, shopping is certain to bring back that smile! Check out the following picks for bringing some warmth back to this special day:

Tinley Road Metallic Lace Mini Skirt

You can check our list for more V-day ‘self’ gift ideas here:

Happy Shopping! 

Shopcade + Carolyn Malachi


“Fashion is more than what we wear. It is who we are and where we come from – the ultimate statement.” — Carolyn Malachi

Hello Shopcaders! We fell in love with Carolyn Malachi’s single “Free Your Mind” so much that we featured it on our NYFW Shopcade playlist!  We had no idea how much she’s digging Shopcade. This video shows her love for shopping, fashion, and technology:

She told us that everything she is wearing in this video is available on Shopcade! If you want to recreate her look, check out her recommendations and follow her on Shopcade:

   Dorothy Perkins Black Asymmetric Neck Dress ($57)

Wallis Statement Sparkle Chandelier Earrings (£7.00) 
Urban Outfitters Secret Skulls Chain Bracelet ($24)
GUESS Reversible Metallic Skinny Belt ($42)
Sam Edlemen – Danielle – Black Snake ($90)

Carolyn Malachi has a unique approach to music – combining Jazz, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, and lots of imagination. Dubbed “sweet songstress” by BET, the independent Grammy nominated artist and great-grand daughter of pianist John Malachi counts Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def), Radiohead, and Sarah Vaughan among her greatest influences. Her 2010 release, the “Lions, Fires & Squares” EP, earned a 2011 Best Urban / Alternative Performance GRAMMY Award nomination for the single, “Orion.”

Her childhood nickname “Sunshine” embodies her artistic philosophy: “My aunt often says, ‘Sunshine, remember your power’” – the power of the mind to give life to infinite possibilities.

Microsoft featured her motivational video “Beautiful Dreamer” on Windows Media Guide. Carolyn also uses her music to empower others. Her music video “Free Your Mind”, supports The School Fund’s global education efforts for connecting students in developing nations with financial resources around the globe. She has joined forces with Fiat to encourage safe driving, and BET included Carolyn Malachi at its 2012 Leading Women Defined Summit. You can support The School Fund’s education effort by watching the “Free Your Mind” video here:

The Huffington Post says of Carolyn Malachi’s ‘Onward and Upward’ approach to music, “She’s not waiting for some moment in the future.”

Shopcade’s ‘Get Satisfaction’ Community!


Greetings Shopcaders!

We are back with more exciting news for you! Today marks the launch of our new user support community on Get Satisfaction. We wanted to give you unlimited access to quality support resources and Get Satisfaction is a place where you can ask Shopcade questions, share your ideas, report new problems, or tell us how much you love us! You will not only have your questions answered, but you’ll be able to help answer the questions from others as well – we allow you to be the expert! 

No subject will be taboo and this is your chance to help make Shopcade the best that it can be. Becoming a member of the support community ensures that you have a say in Shopcade reaching it’s full potential – something that we all want! You can access the community by visiting You can also click the ‘Support’ button found in the margin on the right side of

We want this to be a place where communication is open and helpful to all. Please don’t be afraid to contribute – you add value when you join the conversation! 

Shopcade Presents: Sounds of Fashion Week 2013

Greetings Shopcaders!

We sat down with with international Hip-Hop group Heart Streets to learn more about their music, style and to chat about all things fashion! 

Shopcade: Hey ladies, thank you for joining us today! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourself?
Heart Streets: We’re called Heart Streets  from Montreal, it’s a hip-hop band consisting of both of us (Emma & Gab) and we sing and rap. There’s an old school feel to the music but it’s definitely modern. 

Shopcade: You guys are known for your fashion and style. How you would describe your own personal style? 

HS: We both dress differently, but have the casual elegant look in common, even when we dress more street. We don’t really represent ourselves in a specific trend or in brands in particular. We like to try different things together, work different colors and patterns. 

Shopcade: How does your music and your city influence your style?

HS: Montreal is known to be the Real City, meaning people aren’t over the top or obnoxious, we keep it pretty cool and low-key. Our music, because it is is hip-hop, brings in that hood feel to the mix, the street vibe. 
Shopcade: We posted your music video “Nonchalant” on our blog, which we love! Can you tell us the idea behind the video and how you came up with the overall look and feel? 
HS: Nonchalant is a happy song with some really good vibes in it. When the single got out in the summer, people were enthusiastic about it and the video clip just came along. Laurence Davidson who directed it did a very good job for her first video! We wanted the song to be represented by all our friends and even family. We didn’t want the videoclip to be just about Heart Streets. The overall look is all dedicated to Laurence Davidson who came up with the idea of a ‘lip-dub’ kind of look. We’re all proud of the final result!

Shopcade: “Nonchalant” is also part of our “Sounds of Fashion Week” album, thank you for that! How did the song come together? 

HS: Very naturally, nonchalantness was the mood we had all summer having fun with our friends and making our music. Nothing else really mattered and we wanted to celebrate that. 

Shopcade: There are some fun and cool looks in the video, how can our readers find similar looks using Shopcade? 

HS: We looked for our own outfits in Nonchalant’s videoclip and here’s what we found similar –

One of Gabrielle’s outfit from their music video “Nonchalant”:

Cape Town Skinny Jeans

Calvin Klein – Maylee 

Relaxed Fit Shirt 

One of Emma’s outfit from their music video “Nonchalant”:

Gold Shorts
Classic White Low Top Converse
 Custom T-Shirt. I wrote the word “BAD” on mine  

Jeremy Scott Heart Glasses

Shopcade: Is there an outfit you’ve seen on Shopcade that you would rock on stage or in your next video?


I really like this casual outfit

I really like those shoes 

and I think this Cardi is very nice 


A bomb pair of sneaker wedge:

I love Arizona and this print is perfect and the cut is cool and sexy:

A sexy and elegant 90’s feel skirt:

Shopcade: We hope Shopcade helps our users define their own style and discover new ones. Any tips for how readers can discover their own unique style? 

HS: If you are true to your personality and trust your intuitions, Shopcade offers a lot of diversity for clothes and accessories. Being different is way cooler (for Heart Streets!) than following everybody else. If you like something you should wear it proudly because it represents who you are and with that confidence comes coolness 😉

Shopcade: Who are some of your favorite designers and brands on the site?

HS: JCREW, ASOS, Jeremy Scott, Wildfox to name a few

Shopcade: Anything you would like to add?

HS: We think Shopcade is a really cool place to shop because of the options given and we both enjoyed doing this interview. 

Shopcade: What’s next for you guys? Where can our readers learn more about you?

We have a song off our new EP coming out on Valentine’s Day (February 14) and then the EP release is the 18 of February! We’re also currently shooting a new music video for our song “What Did I Do”. 

To get our new EP–and to see what trends we like and images that inspire us, be sure to follow and connect with us online:  

        • Twitter- @Heart_Streets

You can also check us out at

Shopcade: Thanks ladies! You guys are great! To get Heart Streets’ hit song “Nonchalant”, download our “Sounds of Fashion Week” album HERE!

You can also check out their music video for “Nonchalant” below!

Heart Streets – Nonchalant

New Trendsetters on Shopcade!


Greetings Shopcaders! We are here to announce new featured Trendsetters for Shopcade: Jordan Silberman, Fhatima Kharodia and Brittany Burrows! We’ve asked them each 5 questions about themselves and why they like Shopcade – check out their responses below!

Fhatima Kharodia

What are you absolutely loving about Shopcade?

  • I Love the special deals that I get from shopping on Shopcade, and I love how when you buy something or you add a product, you get points that you can later redeem for prizes. I also love Shopcade because I have seen items that I love on there that I have never seen before.

 What is your favorite product on Shopcade right now?

  • – I absolutely fell in love with coat as soon as I saw it. First of all it is so affordable, it looks so nice and warm, perfect for the winter weather, and it’s totally fashionable!

 What is your favorite brand on Shopcade, why?

  • My favorite brand is Dorothy Perkins because the clothing Items are very cute and nice and also very affordable!

Who is your style icon?


What are you hoping for under the tree this Christmas?

  • Ellen Degeneres’ book – Seriously…I’m Kidding

 Jordan Silberman

 What are you absolutely loving about Shopcade?

  • What I love about Shopcade, is the fact that you can add, and find so many new products that are interesting, or just completely weird! It’s just amusing and addicting, and most of all fun!

What is your favorite product on Shopcade right now?

  • My favorite product I found on Shopcade so far would have to be the Steve Madden “Dejavu” in black! Super plain, always can be dressed up with a dress, or dressed down with some blue jeans for the weekend!

What is your favorite brand on Shopcade?

  • My favorite brand on Shopcade would have to be, Michael Kors. I own a few bags and almost all their shoes. Fantastic quality of material! I’m in absolute favorite for the “Hamilton” line in their bags. Super casual or super sleek; you pick!

Who is your style icon?

  • My style icon, hands down is Audrey Hepburn. I love the very structured articles. I’m definitely not the type to wear the “in style” kind of fashion wise. I love the floral, plain and simple with a POP of that one color you absolutely adore.

What are you hoping for under the tree this Christmas?

  • My parents are pretty successful, so therefore I’m hoping to get some things that I could possibly donate to charity for the kids in need all around the world.

Brittany Burrows
What are you absolutely loving about Shopcade?

  • I love how you can organize items based on trends; it makes blogging about a specific trend so much easier when you have a place to keep examples from hundreds of retailers!

What’s your favorite product on Shopcade so far?

  • I love everything really but I love the allover lacedress I bought through Shopcade from Free People. Free People is one of my favorite retailers but one that I have a hard time getting to in person so Shopcade makes shopping their new arrivals and other products super easy.

What is your favourite brand on Shopcade, why?

  • A few of my favorites are Free People and Dorothy Perkins because they feature on trend looks that I can afford. There are so many others though, brands from ASOS and Modcloth also top my list.

Who is your style icon?

  • I draw inspiration from all over the place; sometimes I feel like a retro look sometimes I feel like a leather look. I think the one celebrity who always looks fantastic is Dita Von Teese; she is always dressed the way she wants to be seen and it’s always chic and glamorous.

What are you hoping for under the tree this Christmas?

  • I am a big fan of gift cards, it gives me the feeling of going shopping and spending money and I am not tapping into my bank account! 

Shopcade & YouNow Final Holiday Giveaway!


Greetings again Shopcaders! We have news about our final giveaway of the year with YouNow!
On December 23, 2012, Lewis Hilsenteger will be hosting this massive giveaway from 5pm – 6pm EST. These are some of the best prizes yet – and perfect for the “video gamer”! They include…

  • Halo 4 ($60)
  • Black Ops 2 ($60)
  • XBOX 360 Bundle ($250)
  • Playstation 3 Bundle ($250)

The rules of the contest remain the same! The first thing to do is:

  1. Follow Lew on Shopcade! 
  2. Add the products mentioned above to your Shopcade! (You can do this from Lew’s page)
  3. Tune in to Lew’s show on December 23 @ 5PM EST!

Shopping and winning new prizes is made easy with Shopcade and YouNow! Spread the word to friends and family and be sure to check out Trisha’s live giveaway Sunday night at !

Shopcade Holiday Giveaway with Trisha Paytas!


Hello again Shopcaders! Through a collaboration with YouNow & Trisha Paytas, we have more exciting giveaways for you this Holiday Season!

This month, you have the chance to win a Lady Nini Round Rose Goldtone Bracelet Watch from Michael Kors!

For a chance to win this great prize, use the steps outlined below:

Shopping and winning new prizes is made easy with Shopcade and YouNow! Spread the word to friends and family and be sure to check out Trisha’s live giveaway tonight at !

Shopcade YouNow Live Giveaway!


Greetings Shopcaders! We would like to announce our Live Shopcade Giveaway on the platform YouNow!

Launched in 2011, YouNow is a social television broadcast platform that allows users to to share live video content and receive interactive feedback with a live audience. Users can broadcast via webcam or mobile app and reach over 14 Million YouTube Subscribers and more than 25 Million Twitter Followers! Users are granted time on the platform by their quality, and live user feedback dictates the length of their broadcasts. You can cast votes for or against a broadcast plus thumbs up will give you more time. Keep in mind… too many thumbs down will get you escorted off stage!

During our Shopcade Live Giveaway, you will have a chance to win 3 great prizes: 

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum

These items have a combined value of over $320! There are a few simple things you need to do in order to qualify:

  1. Follow this link, and sign up for #Shopcade!
  2. Follow the Host of our Live Giveaway Trisha Paytas!
  3. View the Live Broadcast on Tuesday November 20th, 2012 @ 6pm EST on
Don’t miss this opportunity to win cool new products, meet new people on this exciting platform, and of course, shop to earn prizes and rewards with Shopcade

Watch Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Catwalk Live On Shopcade


Join Shopcade in kicking off New York Fashion Week with Rebecca Minkoff’s SS13 catwalk, live from New York Fashion Week today.

At 3pm EST / 8pm GMT a dazzling show of 60s and 70s inspired trends will be strutting their stuff down the runway. Shopcade will be looking out for key pieces such as chic, cropped jackets, floral prints and sheer fabrics.

Inspired by American photographer Slim Aarons, Minkoff captures the confidence and luxury of a socialite lifestyle with ease. Making us believe: Perhaps I can all pull off that print pant suit after all?

Woven fabrics will also be making an appearance following Minkoff’s theme of late 60s glamour as inspiration. The wearable but striking collection promises to give every fashion fan something to get excited about as Minkoff manages to pull together a diverse and transitional wardrobe.

Will you be front-row for the catwalk live stream? We know we will!


Shop for Rebecca Minkoff fashion and accessories now on Shopcade!