Get The Summer Beauty Look With Barry M



Get The Summer Beauty Look With Barry M
Get Summer Ready With Barry M | Photo Credit: @BarryM

Get Summer ready with Barry M’s latest TV Advert and make-up ambassador Adam Burrell. The eyes and lips are the focal point to this gorgeous look, so make sure your base is kept minimal to help pull this off.

Electric eyes are so hot for SS14 so begin with creating a blue eye flick using Gel Waterproof Eyeliner in Blue. Top Tip from Adam “I always find it best to do this when your eyes are open so you can see exactly how it’s going to look”.

Take your time with this, as the saying goes; “Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late” and this most definitely applies here. When you are happy with the shape of your flick then follow the line across your eyelid and bottom line before layering with Lash Vegas.


It is Summer after all, so add a bit of warmth to your skin with natural dazzle bronzer on the whole face, not forgetting to blend with your neck; nobody wants an obvious make-up line! On the cheeks, add a cheeky flush using Blusher in peaches & cream, which is subtle but effective.

Orange and blue clash beautifully together, so to finish off the look with that striking orange lip using Loud Mouth in Screamer. It works with the same texture as a lip gloss but with the extreme colour you would expect from a lipstick. Sorted!

There’s still time to enter our amazing Barry M competition! Simply take our quiz, enter your details and boom! You could be walking away with a year’s supply of Barry M Cosmetics. Not too shabby, huh?! 

Behind The Scenes @ Lovebox

Behind The Scenes @ Lovebox
AAA @ Lovebox | Photo Credit:

We sent our fab fashion correspondent Analise Trotter down to Lovebox last week to get all the behind the scenes goss from the London festival. Want to get the insider scoop? Then read on!

“Last week I was lucky enough to be asked by the lovely people down at Shopcade to go and report for them at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park.

My first dilemma- what to wear obviously! Festivals are one of my favourite occasions to dress for, a place where you know anything goes and the more glitter on that lovely face of yours, THE BETTER!

Never one to complain about the sunshine, I embraced the amazing weather we had so much so that I even whacked my swimsuit on! I opted for this lovely cut out piece from Motel Rocks with a matching red daisy print Co-ords (I tied the shirt around my waist,as it was just TOO hot to rock the look together).

I teamed this up with some gorgeous Orelia gold bangles and hamsa hand necklace, layered a Mango gold necklace and Topshop choker over the top to create a stacked effect and added an Urban Outfitters arm bangle and some super cool Divine Ink London metallic tattoos for those extra festi-vibezzz.

We headed up to Victoria Park where the crowds were in full force already embracing the music and sunshine at 12pm. There were so many gorgeous girlies looking amazing, so street style snapping wasn’t hard! Some big trends of the summer seemed to be epic amounts of face glitter, graphic prints and colourful co-ords. Some of my favourite brands for these are Motel Rocks, Topshop and Miss Pap where you can snap up a two piece for less than your festival ticket price- always a winner!


Get Ariana Grande’s Look With Barry M!


Get Ariana Grandes Look With Barry M!

Photo Credit: @BarryM

After teaming up with Barry M to win a year’s supply of make-up (yes really, check out our awesome comp here!) we wanted to share with you their video, so you too can get the Ariana Grande make-up look for summer!

Joined by Barry M make up ambassador, Adam Burrell he shows you how to easily create the look at home, so you to can look like the pop princess herself.

Ariana Grande is the our ultimate girl crush right now. From her perfectly styled hair to her gorgeous make-up; a flawless base with a sun kissed glow is what holds this great make up look together.

With a shimmery base for the eye and not forgetting Ariana’s trademark cats eye flick and heavy mascara, the eyes are done.The hot pink lip is what helps this look stand out, using the amazing new Genie Lip Paint by Barry M!


On a first glance you see a green lip paint and think the worst, but don’t worry we aren’t trying to get you to join some crazy new make-up cult, the genie lipstick turns pink the instant it touches your lips.

Everyone will get a unique shade of pink as it adapts to the alkaline levels in your lip. For that matte look wear on it’s on or top off with some clear lip gloss for that shiny glaze.

Want to try and replicate the look yourself? Then shop all the make-up you will need right here on Shopcade! 

Meet the July #StyleBattle™ Style Council Brands!


Meet the July #StyleBattle™ Style Council Brands!

Meet the July #StyleBattle™ Brands!

This month we have not one, not two but THREE brands on board to dress the July #StyleBattle™ winners on the photo shoot! Find out more about them & their brand ambassadors below… 


#10DaysofShopcade Kicks off!


#10DaysofShopcade Kicks off!

The #10DaysofShopcade is on!

It’s Monday and we know it’s crappy, but we have a new Designer Store promo which is going to brighten up your day… guaranteed! Welcome to the start of our #10DaysofShopcade campaign, which gives you access to exclusive products sold on our store for, wait for it, 20% off the normal price.

What’s the catch, we hear you cry? Well, kicking off today until the end of the month, every day we’re giving you, our lovely Shocpaders the chance to get 20% off a selected product, as part of our Festival Must-Haves from the Designer Store.

Some of the brands featured include Olive And Frank, LOTA, High Spirit BagsSour Cherry and many more of our faves.

The best part? You’re in control! Each day we’ll feature some of the most wanted products on either our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and all you have to do is Like, Double Tap or Retweet to unlock a unique code to that product. Each code is locked until we get 20 likes, 20 double taps or 20 retweets (depending on the social platform for that day) and we will update the product every day too!

FYI, the codes last only ten days, so hurry and order – these products are only available whilst stock last! The codes are unique to each product and if we don’t reach our quota each day, then the code will stay LOCKED. So what you waiting for? Get on it and start getting savvy with your social, so the treat can be enjoyed by all!

Top Tip: You can keep up to date with everything by searching #10DaysofShopcade on Twitter. Enjoy!

WIN A Year’s Supply Of Barry M Goodies With Shopcade!


WIN A Years Supply Of Barry M Goodies With Shopcade!

Photo Credit: @barrym

How would you like to win a year’s supply of Barry M Cosmetics? No, this is not a trick question! We REALLY are giving away not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR amazing Barry M summer kits to some lucky Shopcaders this week!

All you have to do is to take our fab summer quiz below, enter your details and BOOM, that’s it! You’re automatically entered for a chance to win. Wanna know all the deets? Then check out our T&Cs right here for the full lowdown.

So go on, time to get your ‘quiz on’ and discover which Barry M Summer Beauty you are…

Which Barry M Summer Beauty Are You?

  • What’s your favourite summer colour?

  • Pick your fave holiday destination…

  • Who’s your star beauty crush?

  • What’s your ULTIMATE summer tune?

  • Are you a…

WIN A Years Supply Of Barry M Goodies With Shopcade!

Live @ The Shopcade India Launch!


Live @ The Shopcade India Launch!

Welcome to Shopcade India | Photo Credit: Nathan Sigman

Last Thursday we hosted the mother of all launch parties at Mumbai’s hot spot, The White Owl alongside India’s fashion a-list, plus our very own Creative Head Honcho, Hoon Kim and Country Manager, Kriti Tula!

The occasion? Er, we have finally launched in India, hence the all-singing (that was just Hoon) all-dancing celebration! Want to go behind the scenes and find out all the party gossip? Then read on!

Who hit up the party…

In a nutshell, the crème de la crème of the fashion world! We had over 100 fashion influencers attend, with prominent guests including the following…

> Little Shilpa, Milliner Designer 
> Sita Wadhwani, Digital Editor & Edward lalrempuia, Fashion Director- Vogue India (Shop his look here!)
> Shruti Thacker, Digital Editor- Elle India (Shop her look here!)
> Nikhil Thampi, Veteran Indian Designer
> Karishma Rajani, Digital Copy Editor- Noblesse

What we ate and drank…

The White Owl was the venue of choice, complete with video projections on the wall, cool candy floss and customized marshmallows (with little pineapples on them and everything!)

What we boogied to…

DJ Spacejams from Bhavishyavani on the console played some great EDM!

The Highlight….

When we started planning the event, we were expecting to receive 50 guests due to the crazy weather in Mumbai, but despite the pouring weather we had over double that number turn up on the night of the party.

And boy, did we PARTY. We may have started off at White Owl, but India showed us just how to party, moving us on from spot to spot, before we finally ended up at Hoon’s hotel room in the wee small hours

Here’s to the next launch… ;) 

Illamasqua joins our July #StyleBattle™ Style Council!


Illamasqua joins our July #StyleBattle™ Style Council!

Photo Credit: Illamasqua

Charlotte Savoury is Illamasqua’s International Brand Ambassador. She joined cult British beauty brand Illamasqua in 2009 at Debenhams, Cardiff whilst studying BA Hons in Art Practice, specialising in Fine Art. Once she graduated in 2011, Charlotte joined Illamasqua’s Art Team in the role of Key Artist.

Illamasqua joins our July #StyleBattle™ Style Council!

Charlotte finds inspiration from everything around her; from feelings, thoughts and imagination to nature, words, music, colours, textures and the future. Her artistic influences range from Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud to fashion designer Gareth Pugh and Illamasqua’s Creative Director Alex Box.

Today, Charlotte is fuelled by creative energy and thrives on pushing boundaries, focusing on unusual textures and alternative colours. She strives to continue her journey embracing individuality, whilst working with a team of talented individuals that inspire one another.

“In the two years that I have worked as a make-up artist at Illamasqua, I have seen people become more experimental with make-up and open their minds to a world of colour that they would have normally shied away from. It’s definitely onwards and upwards to a brighter bolder future in the world of make-up.” – Charlotte, Illamasqua Key Artist

Charlotte’s Top Illamasqua Tips:

  • Illamasqua Sealing Gel – “Illamasqua Sealing Gel is a must for stay put brows and water proofing eyeliner under the lash line.”
  • Illamasqua Lipstick – “Illamasqua Lipsticks are a prominent fixture on shoots with me. I use them as paints on the face and body. They work great as a quick eye base and as a blusher too.”
  • “Mix Illamasqua Skin Base in shade SB01 to your foundation to illuminate and highlight paler skin tones.”
  • “Apply a lighter shade of Illamasqua Concealer or Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Vow under the brow to lift and highlight the brow area whilst concealing those new growing hairs!”


Summer Nights: Shopcade Dates Sarah Ashcroft


Summer Nights: Shopcade Dates Sarah Ashcroft

Photo Credit: @lilly-jocullen

It’s mid July and most of us are about to be set free from school, uni or work to go on our annual holidays! We caught up with Fashion blogger Sarah Ashcroft over milkshake and cupcakes as she tells us her summer plans and how to stay stylish!

So… what are your summer plans, Sarah?

“I’m starting with Cape Verde with my boyfriend and then Turkey with the family. Plans are total relaxation! Sunbathing, laying by the pool and boat rides- though quad bikes have been scheduled in there at some point! I’m also keeping a summer style diary to keep the blog up-to-date”.

What summer trends are you loving right now?

“Everything pink! Loving pastels, co-ords, tropical prints and a bit of neon”

Summer Nights: Shopcade Dates Sarah Ashcroft

Any summer survival tips you can share with us?

“No-one likes spending their holiday burning and having to dodge the sun. For the past few years I have had a few sessions on a sunbed before going away, which has really helped prepare my skin and get use to some exposure before hitting the sun!”

What’s your favourite drink in the summer?
“My favourite cocktail is an elderflower and cucumber Martini, though I enjoy a cold pint in the sunshine and I love a glass of champagne”.


The Designer Store Meets: Olive And Frank


The Designer Store Meets: Olive And Frank

Photo Credit: Olive and Frank

We have another Designer Store exclusive for you this week Shopcaders and it’s a quick fire Q&A with the fabulous Olive and Frank. Want to know about how the brand started, or the best pieces from the collection? Then read on! 

What made you start Olive and Frank?

It all started way back when I was about 15 and would buy vintage pieces in charity shops to sell on ebay. A few years later I launched a website selling jewellery, then expanded that to sell clothes, which eventually evolved into Olive and Frank and designing my own pieces.

What made you interested in starting a career in design and fashion?

I have always been really interested in style and how people put clothes together to express themselves through what they wear. Originally I was interested in styling, so working in design is something that has evolved for me over time and I think this allows me to work instinctively and create what I love.

What is your fave piece from your collection available on Shopcade Store?
The Hey Girl sweatshirt, it’s super comfy and looks great worn casually or dressed up with a lace pencil skirt and heels.

How would you sum up the Olive and Frank customer?

Olive and Frank is for girls who like to dress for themselves, mix it up and have fun with what they wear.

What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from all over… street style, my own wardrobe, old photographs and tumblr is like a giant mood board.

Love Olive and Frank? Then shop the whole collection right here!